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The Schedule of the Day

Thursday, November 19th, 2015



Schedule subject to change without notice. 


9:30                 Registration 

10:00               TEDx Intro Video, Welcome

                          One Degree Revolution Coby Kozlowski 

                          Facing Death Full of Life Danielle Valenti

                         How to Look at Disability Margaret Keller

                         How to Build a Better Brain Dr. Jennifer Michaels

                            and some TED Videos


11:30-1             Lunch and optional classes, see inset below


1:00                 Love, Life and Joie de Vivre Dr. Ruth Westheimer
                         The Global Economy, Close at Hand Daniel Neilson

                             and some TED Videos


2:15                 Break


2:30                The Journey of This Seed Jen Salinetti 
                       Homework for Life Matthew Dicks

                             and some TED Videos


3:30 Program Ends

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