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Why Sponsor TEDx Berkshires?

Promoting your brand through sponsorship of TEDx Berkshires is an easy and effective way to reach both local and global communities.  Not only will your company be associated with a non-profit organization interested in developing community ties, sharing ideas accross discplines, and creating value for some of Berkshire County's most interesting and influential residents, but your support will be broadcast globally through social media mediums and the international TED community.  Support for TEDx programs demonstrates your company's dedication to Berkshire County and the free exchange of great ideas.


How You Can Help:

While support in the form of monetary donations is always appreciated, there are many other ways to support our program, including the provision of:

  1. ​​​Videography and/or photography services

  2. Catering services

  3. Sponsored gifts to TEDx attendees

  4. Sponsored pre-program TEDx adventure



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