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Apply to be  a Speaker


Speaker nominations are now open.  

TED is a global platform for sharing remarkable ideas. TEDx events are the same as TED Conferences but at a local level.

TEDxTalks can be from 3 minutes up to a maximum of 18 minutes long.  They may include visual aids, like slides or props.  TEDx speakers are not paid.  Talks should not be promotional or commercial.  They should be inspirational or informative, moving or motivational, thoughtful or thought-provoking, catalyzing or captivating. 


Do you have a life-changing idea? Is there something you’re dying to share with our community?  


Email us

1) your talk title

2) your talk outline

3) a link to a one minute video of an excerpt of your talk or another talk you have done


We are looking for the very best speakers for our TEDxBerkshires 2020 event.  Be in touch.  

Please understand, we at TEDxBerkshires are a small group  and can not reply to all applicants, though we will try.  We thank all applicants for applying.

We will be announcing our awesome TEDxBerkshires 2020 speakers in the spring.   Like us on Facebook or contact us to be added to our TEDxBerkshires Community email list to be the first to know about our program. 


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