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Jillian Lampert

In Schrödinger's quantum mechanics thought experiment, manifold possibilities can exist at the same time - at least, that is, until the grand reveal. Adopted as an infant, Dr. Lampert's origin story held all the mystery of a choose-your-own-adventure tale; then, some spit in a tube offered a final script and poignantly challenged her notions of who she was.

Dr. Lampert is the Chief Strategy Officer for The Emily Project, a national eating disorder treatment program.  Additionally, she is co-founder and President of the Residential Eating Disorders Consortium (REDC), a national trade association for eating disorder treatment providers, Treasurer of Eating Disorders Coalition, a DC-based organization for eating disorders policy and advocacy, and past-president and current Board Member of WithAll, a Minnesota based organization focused on eating disorder prevention and support.  She also holds an adjunct associate professor graduate faculty position in the Department of Food Science and Nutrition at the University of Minnesota.  

She is a grateful and proud mom to a 16-year-old and step-mom to 14 and 18 year-olds.  She and her husband reside in Minneapolis/St. Paul.  She enjoys yoga, running ,gardening, volunteering, snowshoeing, and early morning walks with the family dog, who is oblivious to everything aforementioned.

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