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Discover who you really are, why you were born at this time, and how you want to engage with the world. And learn to not take it all so seriously.

Coby Kozlowski

Teacher, focused on Inspired Living and Action 


One-Degree Revolution: Small Shifts, Big Changes


The life we crave may just be a one-degree of change away.  The world is shifting. Let’s wake up, show up, and skillfully participate in the expansion and evolution of our selves, our communities, and our planet.  

About Coby


Coby Kozlowski M.A., A leader in the revolution for inspired living and action. Sought after as an expert in transformative leadership and as a yoga, dance, and meditation educator. Known for her heartfelt humor, illuminating wisdom, and powerful punch to wake up, start living, and skillfully engage with the rhythms of life.  


She is faculty for Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health where she leads 200hr and 300hr yoga teacher trainings. Coby has been featured on the cover of Yoga Journal Magazine and was named  “one of the 7 yoga teachers who have changed the practice [of yoga]”.


Also faculty for Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA, where she leads her month-long program Integral Leadership, a unique and life-affirming approach to personal and professional leadership using contemplative and cutting-edge wisdom.  


Coby is the founder of Karma Yoga Leadership Intensive: A One Degree Revolution, Souluna Life Coach Certification, the evolutionary program Quarter-Life Calling: Creating an Extraordinary Life in Your 20s and is a trainer for the Radiance Sutra Meditation Teacher Training. 


Her book Wave Rider: Insights and Inquires for Living Yoga is forthcoming.



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